We are sad to inform the community that yesterday morning, Nazi swastikas were found painted in the new Chabad of Flagstaff - Molly Blank Jewish Community Center that is under construction and the building was vandalized. We are shocked and deeply disturbed by this act of hate and are hopeful and confident that the police will handle this expeditiously.

This incident is a sad reminder of the discrimination and anti-Semitism that still exists among some people. While it's alarming and very disturbing, it will not deter us - to the contrary this reinforces and motivates us more to do the important work we're doing and continue teaching about unity and acceptance. We look forward to the day, G‑d willing - not too far in the future - when construction will be complete, and we will open the doors of the new Molly Blank Jewish Community Center to be a welcoming place for all.

It is an indisputable reality: when light and goodness encounter darkness and hate, light and goodness will - without fail - prevail. This is what our wonderful Flagstaff community is truly about.

Thank you to those who have reached out in meaningful friendship and support. Thank you for standing up against hate and anti-Semitism.

Rabbi Dovie & Chaya Shapiro