It is with a heavy heart that I notify all of our Chabad family & friends, that from today and until further notice, our building will be temporarily closed. No services, classes or programs of any type will be taking place on the premises.

I never imagined a time that we would have to voluntarily shut our doors, even temporarily. Many of our grandparents were born under communism and their families went on self-sacrifice to defy the Russian government's orders to close down every shul, gathering in defiance in homes or cellars to pray and study. You see, then shuls and Jewish institutions were being shut down due to hatred and anti Semitism, but today we are shutting down because of love for each other, to save even one life.

As every day passes it is clear that the virus is spreading in an unprecedented fashion. We isolate today, to protect not only ourselves but mostly others - in case we are a carrier already, or not to become a carrier and expose others to it.

Remember, we have only closed our physical building, but our community is alive and well, as it is built on people. Please G‑d, we will continue to act as a full fledged community and at this time we must be stronger together. We will be here for everyone individually for moral and spiritual support along with all the basic needs you may have. 

If you know someone who is alone and cannot get out or you can volunteer to assist others please reply to this email or call me at 928-255-5756.

We acknowledge that social distancing is anathema to Judaism as social engagement is an integral part of Jewish life. Social separation does not mean disconnecting. We must use all means possible to connect and feel community. Yet, remember that you are with your family and that's a blessing. How often do I hear "I wish I had more time for our family." Well now you do. Utilize the opportunity, your children need it, your spouse needs it and so do you.

We will stay in touch through calls, emails, FaceTime, whatsapp, and Zoom meetings.

Although we should refrain from visiting each other, it is a great Mitzvah to reach out to each other with words of friendship and encouragement.

We will circulate more information regarding online classes, Shmura Matzah, Passover needs and anything else as the need arises.

We must remain Positive! Together, with faith and trust in Hashem, we will overcome and emerge even stronger than before. Meanwhile be safe and well.

With abundance of love and a virtual hug to all.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Dovie Shapiro


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