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Who hasn't wondered what happens when we die? We know what happens to the body. But what happens to the soul at birth and again at death?

- Is there really a "better" place after this one?
- Do our loved ones continue to connect with us?
- Can I relate to an afterlife if I'm not spiritual?

At once practical and powerful, reflective and relatable, Journey of the Soul teaches a Jewish perspective on life that begins before birth and lasts well after a person's passing.

It's a journey we all take, and it's yours to explore this winter.

Please register by Friday, January 22 to allow time for your course textbook to be delivered to your home in time for the first lesson.



Join us for this virtual six-week course
Wednesday, February 3 - Wednesday, March 10
7:00pm - 8:30pm 

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Demystifying Death

Why are humans so anxious about death and dying? For many, the abrupt finality of death makes life itself seem futile. By exploring how our life force—our immortal soul—never ends but merely shifts roles, we begin to view life and death as two harmonious steps on the same journey.


Taking Leave

Is death painful for souls? Is my presence felt when I visit a grave? Judaism’s pre-burial and burial rituals accompany the soul’s gradual transition from a limiting physical life to a completely spiritual one. We discuss those rituals and how, once freed, the soul’s connection to the living continues in new and powerful ways.


The Mourning After

What is the Jewish grieving process and what is the significance of its various traditions? This lesson provides a meaningful Jewish perspective on grief itself, as well as practical shiva etiquette both for mourners and for those who wish to comfort them.


Where We Go

For centuries, human beings have been motivated by the promise of heaven and frightened by the threat of hell. Discover what Jews believe about where every soul goes and how Kaddish aids a soul in reaching true peace.


Where We Go Again

Reincarnation: more than a fascinating topic, Judaism provides a practical way to imagine this mystical process, and explains why it is important both to departed souls and to our lives today.


Life Is Short(ish)

By now we’ve come to appreciate death as the next phase in our ongoing personal missions. In our final lesson, we use what we’ve learned to revisit our priorities in this current phase and find ways to fill every moment with everlasting significance.


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